RVshare Review — How Good Is This RV Rental Service?

Holiday RV rentals continually to grow in popularity, particularly in the USA and Canada. Besides being a fun way to holiday, it also works out cheaper than the traditional style holiday. If you are a large group or family, you can expect to save over 50% over other, more traditional travel options.

Pros & Cons of RVshare

A quick highlight of the key pros and cons


  • Wide choice of rentals that you will not find available with mainstream suppliers.
  • Cheaper than traditional suppliers of RV rental.
  • Many extras are included for free, that you would have to pay extra going the traditional route.
  • Good level of insurance included in the rental price. Liability coverage of up to $500,000 as standard as well as an option to upgrade to $1,000,000iability coverage of up to $500,000 as standard as well as an option to upgrade to $1,000,000.
  • roadside assistance. This is available 24/7 throughout their hire period for no extra fee.


  • Demand is high for the sought after models.
  • A time delay can be involved after you make a request and the owner confirming the availability.
  • If you are the owner, your RV will undergo more wear and tear, but that should be offset and more by the capital return.


Because it is so easy to rent for a short time period, a weekend for example, it is a great way to test the water. If it all works out then you have a new, exciting and cheap type of holiday. RV share are a reputable and comes with insurance, so any risk is covered.

RVshare offering Peer to Peer RV Rental USA and Canada

Before the advent of the internet, the only way to hire an RV was through one of the big rental USA RV rental companies. These include Stardrive, Cruise America, El Monte RV. However, with the rise of the internet, it is possible to take advantage of peer to peer RV rental networks. This is great for RV owners that just use their RV occasionally, but would like to get some monetary return when not in use. RV’s are a big outlay, and the appeal of earning some extra cash when not in use has led to the boom in peer to peer rental networks in the USA and Europe. 

RVshare was the first to offer a peer rental service in the USA and now also Canada. If facilitates RV owners and dealers to rent out their campervan. For most private owners, they have a first class RV which spends most of its time off the road or in storage, with a few annual family trips. 

Currently, RVShare offers rental in all 50 states with the widest choice of campervans from classic to modern.

How RVshare started

It all started in 2012 a young couple Mark and Rachel decided on a cross-country RV honeymoon. They became smitten with the RV style holiday. So much so that on their return decided to rent out their RV to other couples who yearned for a different type of holiday. No model existed at the time, and RV share entered the market and is currently the biggest RV rental peer to peer network on the internet.

RVshare Rental Insurance

One important aspect of any holiday is insurance. This is especially true if you will be rent out your prized RV. RVShare please emphasis on this aspect and this helps it stand out from the crowd. The cover extends throughout the USA and Canada.

Who pays for the RVshare insurance ?

For the owners of an RV being rented, the insurance policy is free, with no set up or excess fees. The cost is covered by fees for listing your RV and bookings made via the RVshare website. The deductible is $1,500 is payable from the renter's security deposit.

The Renter of RV and insurance

The renter pays for the insurance and is calculated and included in the overall rental price.

Better Choice and Added Extras Included with RVshare

If you have ever rented from a traditional RV rental company, the word extra will make you cringe at the thought of paying out more for a basics like a BBQ set. With the peer to peer model, most owners will furnish their campervans with extras such as slide outs, awnings external speaker system and other useful gadgets. Guess what, these so-called extras are all included in the base rental price. This will almost always making renting through a peer to peer network cheaper than a traditional big name rental company. 

In addition, you will have a much wider choice of campervan and trailer categories, even some classic campervan options. 

Availability can be an issue regardless of where you rent from. The best and only advice is to book as much in advance as is possible, especially if you intend travelling in high season or holiday weekends

Finding the right RV to rent with RVshare is easy

With so much choice, the RVshare Filters will allow you to select the categories that you are interested in renting. Making for easy comparison. Listing are based on location and within that you can list based on camper category. The category listing includes Class A , Class B, Class C and Travel Trailers. Trailers are further subdivided into the ever popular and pace saving pop up trailers, fifth wheel and Toy Haulers.

Wheelchair accessible rv rental is available

Use the filter selection system, you can select out campervans that are accessible by wheelchair. With the traditional RV rental companies, it is next to impossible to secure a wheelchair friendly RV rental. Another plus for the peer to peer rental model.

Pet friendly RV rental is available

If you intend bringing the family per, the filter selection will let you drill down to renters that cater specifically for these needs.

Final Thoughts on RVshare

RV Share has carved out a name as a reputable company that has pioneered the holiday rental market. They seen an opening in a market that until peer to peer renting had been led the branded rental companies. It seems to be a win win situation, with owners earning extra income whilst their campervan is not in use. In addition, it opens up a fun option of a holiday road trip to more people. Large rental companies will normally impose a minimum rental of at least 7 days. With the peer to model, you can test the water by renting a small RV for the weekend.